Mental Wellness Month

Welcome everybody to the next entry of The Rainbow We Fly Over! Again, thank you all who have continuously read. I truly value everyone that takes the time out to read my entries! Every reader is greatly appreciated, and there is more to come! It’s been such a long time since writing for this series, and I am glad to start off by focusing on January aka the home of Mental Wellness Month!

As 2020 wrapped up, I am sure we are left with a lot of self-reflection, understanding, and awareness. Between a global panoramic, racial tensions, Presidential elections, remote work/learning, and much more, we had to essentially operate according to our extreme circumstances. January’s focus on mental wellness can truly set the start of the new year with necessary rebuilding, maintenance, and overall care. The entire goal of this month is to encourage resilience, health, peace, and clarity to build a better sense of wellness within people. I can’t speak for everybody, but I fasholy (You can take the girl out of the Bay Area, but you can’t take the Bay out of her lol) need a whole bunch of that plus more for the start of this new year.

Honestly, I had a moment within the last few days of 2020 where I felt like I let that year get the best of who I am. When reflecting on my own experience, I never allowed myself a true chance at “wellness”. Now I put wellness in quotations because wellness can look different for everyone! Yet, instead of actually indulging in wellness, I often pushed my issues aside for a temporary sense of happiness. My idea of “wellness” did not include taking a step back, enjoying a hot bath, or even sleeping/eating. I can even see how much that affected my perception of myself within my When I Need Saving entry. I can sadly say that I began to lose myself to my environment/situations and finding some sort of “relief” by simply ignoring and numbing the issues.

I can proudly say, as of Jan. 2021, I have begun counseling! I grew tired of feeling like my situations controlled me and my essence. With counseling and the message of this month’s awareness, I have decided to authentically work on my own wellness action plan (and hopefully you will work on your own too!). I am making it my priority to be my own priority. After talking to my new counselor (Shoutout to Dr. Bob), I have begun establishing a concrete routine to ensure that I will practice proper acts of wellness. Since starting this routine, I can say with a big smile, I have upheld this routine for a week and a half already! We have to celebrate the accomplishments, even if there are small. And, I am completely in love with the fact that I have decided to take care of myself in a healthier manner.

I really encourage you all to do the same. Please take this month’s message and apply this throughout the year. Mental wellness isn’t simply needed when you have hit a roadblock or difficult/hard time. Of course, it aids in buffering situations that can potentially provide negativity, but wellness is needed for the soul. In any and every case, you can always use some good ole wellness. You deserve to enjoy moments within life, even if they may not be the best. Whether your form of mental wellness is taking a nap, treating yourself to some good food, or simply hanging out with friends. Do it, you deserve that and much much more!

Feel free to use this template to make your own wellness action plan (you can screenshot and possibly use Snapchat/Instagram/other photo editors to fill in the boxes)!



January is Mental Wellness Month. Hope Haven.

(2020 Jan 1) January is Mental Wellness Month. Interim Inc.

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