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Updated: Aug 5, 2020

A big thank you to Aliyah for being the next entry of Birds of a Feather! Thank you so much for being comfortable sharing your story and contributing to our journey of self-discovery. ~Cheyenne

Hello Everyone,

As most might not know, my name is Aliyah Mayfield, I am an upcoming Senior at UCM as a Public Health Major and I am also Pre-Med. First off, I wanna thank Chey Tha Don, for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to write for her blog. It took some time because of what is going on in today’s society.  But, I got it done and it took a lot of heart and crying because it’s tough right now for us.

As someone who is Black wanting to work in a career that wasn’t met for us is really difficult. Everyone is well aware that non-black people in the health industry are KNOWN for not taking Black health seriously. Especially, during a time like this where we are going through not only a Pandemic for the coronavirus, but yet another historical marker. A Race War is bound to break out, so that lets us know how non-black folks feel about us. 

As someone who deals with a lot of health issues themselves and also has health issues run through your family. You tend to get fed up with the fact that not only are they in pain, but they’re not getting treated properly just for the color of their skin. That hurts. Why do my people get the short stick... in a hospital? That will never sit right with me. My people shouldn’t have to go through such torture just because we were taking from OUR homes, minding OUR businesses. That’s why most Black people are always trying to switch doctors, so they can find someone that looks like them. Someone who's not going to short change them just because they’re... Black. It’s comforting seeing someone that looks like you that will take care of you. And this is where I come in. As I have mentioned before I am a Public Health and Pre-Med student, which means I am studying to go into the health field. As a kid, I’ve grown up watching live-action doctor shows (no, not no Greys Anatomy, although it is a good show), and ever since I’ve had my life set up revolving around me being a doctor. But the type of doctor is what I wasn’t sure of. Now, I am certain that you will catch me in the operating room as an Orthopedic Surgeon. 

You can see in my picture that I am a BLACK WOMAN. The most hated person in the world and the most looked down upon, a Black woman. As someone who loves their people and understands the fear that my people have of possibly not making it out of a hospital because you’re amerikkka’s Most Wanted or Most Hated. I am doing this for the love of my Black People. Black people don’t get the luxury of getting diagnosed properly and we don’t get to feel comfortable with a doctor that pretends to care or to know what they’re doing. But in actuality,  they’re plotting your damn death because they don’t give a fuck. It’s upsetting that we have such fears like this. And it needs to END. With that being said, as a strong, independent, selfless Black Woman that I am, this is my way of fighting. I am making it my DUTY to do what’s right for my people and do better than those that do not like us. I want my people to feel relieved when they walk into a doctors office to see someone that looks like them. They can walk into the doctor's office and not have to worry that they’re symptoms are being dismissed. Because to the doctors, it’s translated to them that you’re faking your pain no matter how serious it is. There won’t be any pretending, no faking, and no NEGLECTING. I am going to make it my duty to BE BETTER and help my people with bigger and better opportunities. And that’s keeping us alive. 

Side note: I want to note that even though I won’t be a doctor for some time and that I pointed out that was my way of fighting. Don’t get me wrong, I am fighting currently. Just not the way that I would want to since we are in a pandemic and I cannot afford to get sick and/or bringing it to my family. But me being a Black Woman Doctor, it gives me that chance to give back and help my people. Yes, even though I am only an orthopedic surgeon, it still comes a long way for Black people. All I want to do is give back to my brothers and sisters in the most efficient way possible. This means, I could still save their life no matter what doctor I am and I am here for it!

Also, for those who do not understand what is going on with our people, please take the time during this quarantine to educate yourself (if you’re not participating in the actual protests).  We are literally going through another heartbreaking moment where my people are getting hurt and/or killed just because of the color of their skin and jealousy/hate that circulates throughout society. This is why the race war is brewing. Our lives are useless to them and they want to get rid of Black People, even though we were literally dragged out of our homes to fulfill their laziness. This will never sit right with me, and I am here for the violence because it’s a way we can be heard! 





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